Pharmacognosy deals with the developments in the knowledge and utilization of medicinal substances of natural origin. The Department is engaged in the teaching of crude drugs under the Bachelor of Pharmacy degree as well as Pharm D. The department has initiated research on extraction, isolation and purification and biological evaluation of phyto chemicals. In the area of research, department is involved in pharmacological screening of various plant extracts for different activities like hepatoprotective, anti diabetic, anti thyroid etc and also isolation of phyto constituents, its purification from bioactive guided fractions of extracts. The department is also involved in standardization of various plant extracts, as well as herbal and Ayurvedic formulations using modern chromatographic / spectral methods apart from chemical methods. The department is in the process of developing Herbal formulations division for the current of industry. The Department is lead by experienced faculty members and having number of national and international publications. The department forms one of the backbones of the pharmacy profession and as well as research centre of the college.


1. Dr S V Suresh Kumar, M.Pharm, Ph.D.,
Professor and HOD

2. Mrs.V.Laxmi Prasanna
Asst Professor

Asst Professor

The laboratory is equipped with adequate glassware and equipments.

List of equipments available:

1. Binocular microscope
2. Stage micro meters
3. Eye piece micro meters
4. Camera lucida
5. Microscopes
6. TLC kit
7. Muffle furnace
8. Hot air oven
9. Rotary Evaporator
10. UV detection chamber for Chromatography.
11. Research centrifuge.
12. Semi auto chemical Analyzer.
13. Hot plates
14. Glass columns for chromatography.
15. Mechanical stirrer
16. Magnus Live USB camera
17. PH meter
18. BOD incubator.
19. Autoclave.

Projects carried out:

1. Preparation and evaluation of Kanaka Asava.
2. Preparation and evaluation of Trikatu Churna.
3. Hepatoprotective activity of roots of Operculina turpethum.
4. Hepatoprotective activity of Pergularia daemia.
5. Hepatoprotective activity of Acalypha indica.
6. Hepatoprotective activity of Achyranthes aspera.
7. Hepatoprotective activity of Sudharsana Churna.
8. Hepatoprotective activity of Shorea tumbaggaia
9. Hepatoprotective activity of Syzigium alternifolium.


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Seminars and workshops conducted

1. Two days National conference on Natural Products Research July 2014



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