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The undisputed fact about the Pharmacy education is that it has invaluable contribution to the human lives worldwide. So, the conceptual understanding of various subjects in Pharmacy is highly essential for any individual Pharmacist. Further, the demand for the well informed Pharmacists is ever growing at very high pace.Keeping this fact in mind, we, at Creative Educational Society’s College of Pharmacy, have created perfect learning ambience in the calm and serene atmosphere which results in more stimulating, holistic and fulfilling knowledge transfer to our students.The college has earned its high repute as a center for quality education in A.P for its highly dedicated and committed faculty members, well-equipped laboratories, modern equipments and discipline. The R&D activities in the most modern laboratories of the college are bringing laurels to the institution.We strongly believe that quality is the only engine of success and efforts are made to see that quality is maintained at Institutional and academic levels.

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