Incharge : Mr.Harihara Sudhan   Assoc.Professor  

Store and Purchase


  1. Estimation of budget for academic year based upon previous year expenses.
  2. Allocating the budget course wise.
  3. Dividing the budget department wise in each course and distributing to the respective departments.
  4. Receiving requisition form from each department/Subject wise in each course for chemicals and glass wares.
  5. Forward to various vendors for the quotation or directly placing order to the vendor recommended by the department heads/individual staff.
  6. Receiving quotation and comparing the prices from different vendors and placing purchase order to appropriate vendors.
  7. Receiving and checking the order as per the purchased placed.
  8. Communicating with the vendors if any discrepancies/differences observed and resolving the same.
  9. Entering the new stocks in the appropriate stock register.
  10. Storing the chemicals and glass wares in appropriate way if any unique storage instruction has been given.
  11. Distributing the chemicals and glass wares based on the indent placed by the concerned departments/staffs.
  12. Maintaining the stock registers with available balance of chemicals and glass wares.
  13. Periodically issuing the chemicals and glass wares as per requisition of department and maintaining the stock registers.
  14. Maintaining stock registers separately for alcohol and toxic substances as per the norms of the respective authorities and keeping track of usage records of the same and reproducing as and when required by authorities.
  15. Maintaining separate indent for equipments and instruments from the departments.
  16. Receiving separate region for corrosive chemical handling as per the norms of authorities.
  17. Getting approval for the purchase of equipments and instruments (Which cost more than Rs.30000/-) from management.
  18. Requiting and receiving quotations from various vendors and comparing the prices and placing purchase order to appropriate vendors.
  19. Receiving the equipment from the concerned vendor and arranging technical help for installation and demonstration if required for the concerned department/staff.
  20. Allotting identification number for the equipments and maintaining separate records.
  21. Periodically checking the working conditions of equipments and instruments with the help of technicians (from the company/minor electrical works with electricians)


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