R&D committee

Creative Educational Society’s College of Pharmacy, NH 7, Chinnatekur, Kurnool.

Coordinator: Mr. T Raj Kumar


1. Dr S V Suresh Kumar
2. Dr D Madhuri
3. Dr P Praveen Kumar
4. Dr N Vijaya Bhaskar


1. Setting target number of publication for a period and reciprocating into small achievable number to staff and students.
2. Publications should be made available on notice boards as soon as published.
3. Collecting and keeping hard copies of publications from the faculty and students.
4. Organizing college level contests (class wise or overall) periodically.
5. Keep in track of conferences, workshops and FDP organized by various colleges and ensuring not only participation from our college (UG/PG students), but also presentations.
6. Ensuring the publications/presentation made from the institution bears name of the student from B.Pharm and M.Pharm compulsorily.
7. Regular collection of participation certificate/award certificate received by students and staff members.
8. Keeping records of categorized publications, presentations and certificates (national/international, UG/PG and departmental wise) and updating regularly.
9. Project student allotment on discussion with class teacher/principal
10. Collection and keeping student project records(both soft and hard copies)
11. Categorizing projects department wise.
12. Publication made with the help of professional colleagues outside of the institute.
13. Collecting and keeping the details of seminars, conferences and workshops arranged with proofs
14. Maintenance of project reports (UG/PG) year wise and (best, average and worst)
15. Initiation or follow up of industry sponsored projects



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